Barandaz Lodge (Tabatabaei), Farahzad, Mesr Desert


Souvenir shop

Souvenirs from Barandaz Lodge

Seyed Hashem Tabatabaei (father of the family and Barandaz manager) always recalls a sweet memory to the guests of the lodge. “What souvenir from our desert will you take back to your home country?”, once he asked a tourist from Europe. “A handful of the sand will be the best souvenir of this land,” the tourist replied.

Shopping for souvenirs is one of the most enjoyable parts of a trip in any culture, a joy shared by the one who buys it as well as the person who receives it. The souvenir would be of a greater value if it reminds you of the culture, history and art of a nation.

Each region in Iran has its own unique handicrafts, bearing special flavor of the region; likewise, characteristics of the desert are featured in the handicrafts made by the people living there.

We have opened a store in Barandaz 2, where our guests can shop for different kinds of Iranian and desert souvenirs. More than profiting Baranadaz, buying the handicrafts would help empower the local community as they are made by local people, especially women. Presenting their art to the local and foreign tourists, the rural women make a living by creating and selling the beautifully-made handicrafts.

See a selection of items available in Barandaz handicrafts store here with brief information about them.